Poshmark: A Quick Guide to Earning Cash From Your Closet

Hey there! If you’ve landed on this page, you came here to learn more about Poshmark! In short, it’s an online marketplace for new and used clothing and accessories…. similar to Ebay. It’s a crazy easy way to earn a little cash in exchange for the pieces in your closet you no longer use. Simple as that! Use my invite when you sign up and you get $5 right away! My code is JAIME_DIEHL for your free 5 bucks. Read on for more…..


Why do I use Poshmark? Honestly, I use Poshmark because it makes me feel a little less guilty when I go clothes shopping, (insert a little giggle). So, picture the last time you went to purchase a new sweater or a fab pair of jeans that you didn’t reeeally need. Or you saw a fashion blogger announce a great sale on shoes and despite the great deal, you felt a little guilty clicking “add to cart” on yet another, albeit adorable, pair of black pumps. I can hear you now-because it’s me too- “Ugh, I don’t really NEED another striped shirt but this one is so cute and it’s such a good deal. I’ll use it all the time!” OK. No big deal friends. I totally get it! But to fight those guilty shopping vibes, I am always poking around my closet to see what I can get rid of on Poshmark first.


The benefit of Poshmark is twofold. For one, I can earn some cash to put toward whatever new piece I’m looking to buy. And two, it helps me combat closet clutter! Selling an item to someone else who will love it frees up space for the new item so I can keep my wardrobe carefully edited.

I use the Poshmark app so with a few clicks on my phone, I take some well-lit pictures of my little treasure that’s just waiting for a new owner. Next I come up with a price that I see fit. I write up a solid description of the item and I post away! I’ve sold shoes, jewelry, jackets, and more. When my item sells, the money shows up in my Poshmark account and I can either save my earnings there in the app or transfer the money to my bank account.

I use my earnings in two ways. I can leave it in my Poshmark account and use it towards the purchase of another item on Poshmark or I will transfer the earnings over to my bank account. That way I can turn that money into my own little sale elsewhere! Let me give you a great example, I’ve been dying for a new color of my all-time favorite coat. Well, actually I have always loved the regular Crew version but I never wanted to make the plunge in that price range, opting instead to spend the dough on weather-proof coats like my fave Michael Kors coat.

Anyway, with the J Crew Factory coat being on sale this season plus the earnings from a recent Poshmark sale, I felt waaay better about the purchase of the coat in a second color that I didn’t really neeeed but totally wanted!

I find the whole reselling process to be super easy. If you are one of those who resold items on Ebay a while back (which is still a totally viable option) I find Poshmark to be much easier… thanks, in part, to the free shipping labels they include. Plus I hang on to Amazon boxes or bags sent to me with Poshmark items I bought. So here’s what happens. When my item sells, a label is emailed to me immediately. I package the item, tape on the label I printed, and hand it to the mailman! Take for example a pair of shoes I sold. I tend to save a lot of shoe boxes upon purchase so I slipped a pair of sold Poshmark shoes into an old box, placed the box inside a FREE Priority Mail bag, and taped the label to the bag. As soon as the buyer receives my item, the earnings are released to me.

It’s that simple! Earned 25 bucks on Poshmark? Boom, you just took $25 off those new boots you’re eyeing at Nordstrom. Better yet if you find a coveted bag or cute sweater on Poshmark, roll over your earnings into that instead! I sold a pair of shoes once on Poshmark and turned my earnings into an excellent used condition Yumi Kim romper which basically felt free since I was no longer using the shoes I sold. So gratifying!

Now, there’s lots more to say….. there are clearly guidelines you should abide by, always be honest and upfront about the items you list, obviously there’s a commission to Poshmark, and there’s more to learn about shipping (buyer pays) so I suggest heading over there to read “how it works”. You will find all of the details you need to get started.

Some people are pretty hard core on Poshmark and have made serious money. Whether you’re looking to create a “channel” and all-out store, or just unload some items for cash like me, you’ll find this article useful. And I always find great info on The Penny Hoarder so read this as well. I agree with two major tips from that article, tip 2 says to Capitalize on Titles and Descriptions and I agree. I think of myself as a shopper. I, being a Stylist, often know both the brand name and item name of an item I love. Think car make and model… like a Toyota Camry, lol, and not just “car.” List the “Sam Edelman Penny Riding Boots” as opposed to just listing your item as “boots”. Savvy shoppers know what they’re doing and are more likely to find your item if it’s titled properly.

And the other tip I agree with from the Penny Hoarder article is Don’t Be Afraid To Say No. Buyers can negotiate with you so you should know the price you’re willing to accept for your item. I used Poshmark just once when it first started years ago and I don’t remember neing able to make “offers” back then, so when I recently came back I was somewhat stunned to receive lower offers. I think it’s a new trend on the site to go around low-balling sellers. It was very off-putting so I ignored some offers for my clothes and on others I was totally willing to negotiate.

So there you have it! I just gave you a way to clean out your closet and earn cash in the process. Save up the cash and roll it over into holiday shopping for loved ones, donate the money, re-buy something on Poshmark, or create your own little discount elsewhere with your earnings. Good luck! Tell me what you think. XO JD

Get started here and be sure to use my username as your referral for $5, it’s … JAIME_DIEHL

Finding Your Personal Style

Why not find it together? For the month of April (2019) I’m offering group virtual styling here : https://www.jaimediehlstyle.com/style-tribe-with-jaime

Sooo Is my Personal Style boho or is it casual? Perhaps I’m chic and polished or maybe edgy and modern?? The truth is

most women are a combination of styles.

But when you determine at least one style type or two that works for you, your wardrobe will thank you for it! So first let me tell you WHY identifying your Personal Style helps.

  • It makes shopping easier.

  • It makes getting dressed easier.

  • You’ll send the proper messaging.

First, finding your Personal Style makes shopping easier. How? When you have a clear understanding of your own Personal Style you can create a shopping roadmap. Why wander the malls and scour the web to purchase something “just to be done with it”? Or worse yet, you settle for a so-so top because you’re exhausted and want to go home. When you have identified and labeled your own Personal Style, you will understand what your wardrobe needs and what you can happily pass by in the mall. You’ll make more intentional choices while shopping.

Second, knowing your Personal Style will make it easier to get dressed. First you label your style, second you make purchases that suit that style, and what happens next is that your entire wardrobe works together. You have a coordinating closet because you’ve chosen pieces that work for you, they fit your style game plan.

Third, by identifying your Personal Style you will send the proper messaging. Who are you? A polished professional? A SAHM extraordinaire? An enrtenpenuer? Whoever you are, does your Personal Style reflect that? What if you came to a workshop of mine and I made my presentation in baggy sweats? What if I came to do a Closet Edit in slippers? Would you trust me to teach you about Personal Style? Are you a 20-something professional who can’t land a job but you have the skills? Does your wardrobe send the message that potential employers should take you seriously?

Ready for the “how” of identifying your Personal Style?

I like to move clients through the following 5 steps in identifying a Personal Style:

  • describe your personality

  • lifestyle evaluation

  • find your style icons

  • visualize and create mood board

  • evaluate the closet

Describe Your Personality come up with a few descriptive words about your personality. What are you like? Serious, playful, friendly? Need a little help? Ask a friend or loved one which words come to mind when they think of you.

Is your personality warm, funny, and approachable?

How about bold, powerful and strong?

Or whimsical, shy, and dreamy?

Lifestyle Evaluation What are your daily activities? What do you do for a living? It may seem obvious that you should dress for your lifestlye but it helps to identify it and write it down. It helps to be more intentional about the process. Do you have some upcoming life changes (going from SAHM back to work OR going for a promotion at work)? Working on some personal goals? Dating again? Jot these things down.

Find Your Style Icons She can be famous, noteworthy, or some one you know… bring those people to mind whose style you love. Jennnifer Aniston is known for the California casual look, Kate Middleton embodies classic style, Katy Perry is bold and eclectic. See what I mean? Whose Personal Style speaks to you? Here are some images of my style icons and my style inspiration.

Images Amy Jackson, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Aniston

Visualize/Create A Mood Board You can do this via Pinterest (see my boards here) or you can go old school and snip some images out of magazines or print them out. Tape this to your closet for inspiration. But I highly recommend Pinterest to collect these images. You want to save images you are drawn to. Spend some time on this, you don’t have to get a whole board done in one sitting. Visit your style board frequently and make edits when necessary.

And the point here is to help create that road map I mentioned above.

Don’t hyper focus on one piece in an entire outfit. Take the helicopter appoach and look for overall themes. After a while (hopefully lots of pinning) you will begin to notice the same vibes, a theme. What styles are you pinning the most of? Are you pinning mostly casual looks? Do you see a lot of classic and polished pieces? Do you see solid colors or do you pin a lot of colorful prints? Do these themes happen to match any of the descriptor words from your personality words?

If yes, cool! If not, no big deal. We’re just building some inspiration here and looking for an overall theme or two. In my case, my Pinterest boards always help me realize I am first and foremost casual in my style but I am also heavily drawn to chic and glam elements with lots of boho mixed in. See? You don’t have to nail yourself down to just one Personal Style! But if you can, that’s great too.

And for the last step evaluate the closet. This is for two reasons. 1- I want you to find the themes or repeat items in your wardrobe and 2- I want you to identify the holes.

Find the themes: Take a long look inside your closet and find those items you love. Identify the pieces you wear over and over again. How do they make you feel? Do your go-to pieces make you feel happy? Comfortable? Powerful? What is it that people compliment you on? Do you have a strong jewelry game? Is there a color people say looks great on you?

Are some of these pieces repeat items? For example, is there an item you see over and over again? Discover the reason your closet has this repeat item (lots of striped shirts for example). Maybe stripes make you feel happy or a striped tee makes you feel more stylish than a solid tee.

Identify the holes: What is missing? Have you pinned a leather moto jacket over and over but you don’t have one? Perhaps you’ve pinned lots of elevated casual outfits with skinny jeans, heels, and blazers but you only own jeans, tees, and yoga clothes. A few months back, I found myself pinning lots of 70s-inspired fashion like high-rise wide legs pants. I added a pair to my wardrobe! Do you see how we now have a roadmap? With these steps you can create an action plan.

To recap, once you describe your personality, evaluate your lifestyle, find your style icons, create a mood board, and evaluate the closet… you now have a roadmap, you have a

style game plan.

You can now give your Personal Style a name or two. Some of my client’s examples are “Polished Professional” and “Edgy Fun Mom” or “Easy, Chic, and Strong”… see where I’m going? Hold up that next fashion purchase (or glare at it online) and ask yourself, “does this jacket have a place in my “Polished Professional” wardrobe? Does this trendy-of-the-moment purchase fit into my please for “Edgy Fun Mom” goal?

And then identify your style goals and solidify where you want your Personal Style to take you in life. Have you just had a baby and decided to ditch the chic office attire for a Mommin’ around wardrobe? Or perhaps you have the need to dress for re-entering the workforce? Do you find that you’re ready to kick ass at work and go for the next promotion? Does your wardrobe have what you need to take you there? After spending the time to work through my steps, you should be able to create an action plan and be more intentional with your Personal Style. As always, you can comment below or reach out here for personalized styling.

Come back soon for a follow-up post about the features of different style types. Xo, Jaime

The "Third Piece" Rule For Getting Dressed

Ever hear of the 3rd-piece secret in Personal Style? Ok maybe it’s not a secret. Let me start by telling you that the 3rd piece rule/tip/secret/trick is THE answer to the most frequently asked questions that

I hear everyday:

How To Put Outfits Together

So it goes a little something like this, start with your basics. You know, pants and a top. Easy, right? Put your jeans on, put your top on, and you’re totally dressed right? Nope! Take your outfit to the next level by adding that third piece ……..

most easily that 3rd piece is a jacket, cardigan, or blazer.

When styling my clients, the most frequently used items for a 3rd piece are as follows:

  • A layer: this can be a vest, cardigan, denim, jacket, blazer… see where I’m going?

  • Some jewelry: the #1 thing I do when a woman tells me she LOVES turtlenecks but they feel too plain, I say add a statement necklace! Using jewelry as the 3rd piece can also mean statement earrings or a long, layered necklace over a blouse or tee

  • Accessories: adding a scarf might be the most frequently used 3rd piece and in most climates it’s a no-brainer for Fall and Winter but you can also add a hat or belt as your third piece.

1st piece (top) + 2nd piece (bottom) and your 3rd piece to pull it all together !

Just be sure to pull pieces that suit your taste, your Personal Style.

Not sure you have what you need?? Start with a very basic cardigan to go over your favorite striped knit top like this or this.

Or get a little dressier with a blazer here or here.

Even better, go for a moto jacket! Here and here

In the examples below, of course a striped tee and jeans is fine and so is my chambray top with the white jeans. You aren’t doing anything “wrong” with just a top and bottom. Those outfits are good enough but the 3rd piece tip is the way to feel more pulled-together, feel more dressed.

And THAT’S a question I am asked quite a lot!

3rd piece rule for getting dresses

Outfit ideas that show you the “third piece rule” in action are here on my Pinterest board!

I will continually add lots of ideas so you can be inspired. But just remember…

How to look more stylish? Add a 3rd piece!

How can I feel more pulled-together? Add a 3rd piece!

How do I create outfits? Add a 3rd piece!

You can do it! XO, Jaime

Statement Earrings.... are they missing from your accessories? Look no further.

Statement Earrings

They're a fun way to complete your outfit when you need a little style pick-me-up.  With my styling tips below you can find lots of uses for a new pair... from a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit to an evening gown.  


Ladies, statement earrings can make your whole face come to life!  Use them as the perfect accessory to a white v-neck t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.  If you are petite or your body type is bigger on the bottom, let's draw the eye up with a topknot and statement earrings.

 Statement earrings are most often missing from my clients’ accessories stash.

When I'm going over my clients' wardrobes, they typically have all their fun necklaces covered but great earrings are often missing.

Take a look at this catalog for some great options....  

How To Wear Statement Earrings


For the trendiest styles this season, you'll see baubles, beads, fringe, and pops of color.  I most often get asked about the earrings on the cute ladies from Southern Charm, Naomie and Cameron.  


The catalog has some of the earrings they've been spotted wearing on the show.  Take a look for a variety of options in a few different price points.  As always, contact me for more personalized assistance. 


Xo, Jaime



How To Wear A Pop Of Color In Your Shoes

So they say Spring is arriving soon (still a high in the 40s on April 11th ugh) and we're all going a bits nuts waiting for warm air...   so adding some excitement with color is really on my mind.  I can still be in jeans and chunky layers but add a pop of color with my shoes.    

Color can be intimidating for a lot of ladies so a classic red sandal is MUCH easier for adding color to your wardrobe than a bold red dress.  


On the left, blogger Rachel Martino, adds the slightest pop of red to black jeans and a striped tee.  I added the perfect little strappy red sandals in the catalog.  


Ever since Oliva Palermo wore cobalt shoes on her wedding day, I've been rather obsessed with that for a pop of color.


As seen below at VivaLuxury, cobalt doesn't need much else going on.  It looks so nice with a dark navy outfit, dark jeans, or an all-black outfit to make them pop.   


Cobalt, or any colorful shoe for that matter, doesn't need much of anything besides jeans and a white blouse like MimiGStyle does it here.  





And seriously, what's NOT to love about hot pink suede AND a bow all on the same shoe?  Pair these with a colorful, printed dress to go all out or go with the classic reference above, jeans and a white top.  

Rather than a pop of solid color, how about a cute printed shoe???


These Nine West pumps can be used casually with jeans and a solid top like the Banana Republic eyelet top above or you can try a little pattern pairing and use them with a striped tee! 

As always, be sure you feel comfortable and remain true to your personal style.  


I have so many more cute options in the catalog so be sure to take a look. 

Can't put all of this together on your own?  Think about hiring a Personal Stylist.    Email me today!  Jaime@jaimediehlstyle.com

Xo, Jaime


Second Annual SKD Gala and Auction

Oh boy!  Just one month to go until our Second Annual Saint Katharine Drexel Gala and Auction. I’m starting to get the texts for ideas so let’s get moving on a post for outfit idea #1.  

As you well know, our Hopelessly Devoted theme reflects the love we have for our children and their amazing school but you can’t help but think of Sandy’s hopeless devotion to Danny right?  So look at this inspiration from fellow SKD Mom, Rae Ann, and her adorable friends.

Don’t they all look GREAT?! 

Here are some tips for that end-of-the-movie Sandy style that Rae Ann pulls off perfectly.  (More to come on ideas to help you create the Pink Lady style!)  

Start by thinking about what you already have in your closet.   This Sandy look can start off with your favorite black jeans or a simple pair of black leggings.  Step it up a notch and use faux leather leggings and really get into it!  


Next up is a really fun pink lady, Rizzo!  


Start with a black skirt and your favorite black heels and you are halfway there.  Check out this catalog for links to the rest of the items and how to put a Rizzo look together.  Finds will show you the individual items and the lookbook tab shows the whole outfit put together.   

Complete your Sandy outfit with the help of this catalog here.  The finds section will take you to each piece and the lookbook tab puts it all together for you!

March 16 update:  next up...  Feel like dressing to the theme with a little retro style?  How about a vintage style party dress that won't break the bank?  


Link to dress here or take a look at the whole Gala lookbook!  


There's also a link in the catalog to a cute poodle skirt!  

We certainly don't want to leave out our guys!  Click here for jacket.  

We certainly don't want to leave out our guys!  Click here for jacket.  


Here on the left, Michelle and her friends look so cute!  The 3 outfits from the left can be created with items you already have in your closet.  Look through this Lookbook here for some ideas and a link to an inexpensive chiffon scarf in an array of colors.   https://hueandstripe.com/catalog/449H&SyTsm

Please reach out any time for some help.  And please feel free to leave your own comments below to help each other out!  Xo, Jaime




Spring Trends

Nor'easters, and bomb cyclones, and blizzards oh my!   I know we're all looking forward to a little warmth on our skin and pops of color to kick those Winter blues out of our routine!  The stores are packing lots of trends that aren't necessarily brand new this year...  they're just becoming more common.  So if you were on the fence about a statement top last year,

go for it this year!

Spring Trends Statement Tops

This popular blouse is BB Dakota but depending on the retailer the style will have a different name.  here, here,  here, and here.  That last link will probably sell out because Erin from Living in Yellow posted hers from there.  

If you do just one thing to get yourself in the mood for Spring then grab a "statement" top.  What do I mean by that?  A statement top is the star of your outfit and all you need to complete the look is your favorite jeans and going-out shoes or for work, simple trousers or an understated pencil skirt.  This statement piece can be a big bold color or have a feminine feature like a tie waist or one shoulder ruffle like the tops above or a pretty floral print or color like the options below.  

Dress up this  blouse  for work or go "elevated casual" with jeans and pumps.  

Dress up this blouse for work or go "elevated casual" with jeans and pumps.  

Pretty pop of color  here !  

Pretty pop of color here!  

spring trends

Check out this catalog for links to all the earrings and to dive deeper into the trends!  

  Keep coming back as I will add Spring trends for you to check out!  

Cute Shirt Alert! Create That Cute Mom Style Here

It's stylish, it's versatile, comes in a few colors, and can be dressed up or down...

what's not to love???

Look at just a few ways you can style this Twist Front Cozy Fleece Pullover by Gibson. 

If you're a Mommy who is just beginning to work on her Personal Style, this top has a trendy front twist that is a nice little update to your basic tee but it's not over-the-top trendy.

I promise this is that top that can be dressed down with some leggings and sneakers, you can step it up one notch with boyfriend jeans and stylish flats, then go "elevated casual" with skinnies and a blazer or cool moto jacket, and finally- style it for work just like the adorable Jessica from Petite Style Script


Add your favorite chinos or trousers, blazer, and pumps, and be sure to add a statement necklace to complete your look.  


I hear from Moms often, "I would love to buy that but I have no idea how it will fit my body!"  I hear you ladies.  For this top (especially if you're debating the petite), I have a few tips.

  • Use the reviews!  There are over 800 of them!  Find someone who is nice enough to give their measurements and which size they went with.  Seriously, why ever leave a review that says, "Love it! The medium is perfect".   Ummm.... who exactly is that helping ladies?  So side note, be a little thoughtful to the next lady and say, "I am x lbs and x height and the large was too loose or the medium worked perfectly."  Anyway...
  •  Use the measurement in the product description to your advantage.  Seriously, run to your closet and pull out that favorite tee shirt or basic top you wear all.the.time.  What's the length?  Compare that to the measurement of the online item to make a purchasing decision. 
  • Retailers are beginning to catch on that they could at least help us out a little by giving the model's measurements but not all retailers have caught on.  
  • Shop online at places that offer free shipping/returns and take advantage of trying a few different sizes.  "Over pull" for yourself like I do for my in-person clients.  Keep the ones with a perfect fit, return the rest.  Your credit card will survive the few days it takes to do this.  

A few more styling ideas...  now go give it a try!  

Easy Mom Style

This purple option below is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe as we all want to bust those Winter blues...  now!  


If you decide to give it a go, be sure to drop a line here in the comments and let me know!  I would love to hear from you. 

And as always, if you are ready to step out of that style rut and work on your Personal Style, you can email me here.


Xo, Jaime



My posts often contain affiliate links.  I may earn a small commission if you purchase an item I linked but it will not affect your cost of the items.  It helps support a small portion of the time I take to create a post to share with you.  Thanks!   

Shoes on SALE

 I have some cute shoes all on sale to share with you and a few other goodies if you read on!


The super popular Joan of Arctic boots (bottom left) are on sale at UO and this is the lowest price I've seen this year so...

if this Winter made you realize you need new boots, check these out! 

The Joan of Arctic boots are great for family outings; I saw them at Penn State football tailgating, Fall field trips with my kids, and I saw them on lots of rush hour city walkers this Winter.    


I would style the boots like Jacie Duprie on the right.  She's wearing the Ugg Adirondack.  This is an adorable Mom look for Winter.  Pair your sale boots with your favorite distressed skinnies (Crew factory has this great pair), a Rails plaid top (once you try Rails, you may never buy a cheap plaid top again), I linked the exact one I have and I use it in 3 seasons for going on 3 years now! 

Go on the hunt for a sale option if that's better for you, but you must give it a try!  Think about buying one second-hand on Poshmark or eBay.  Top it with this budget-friendly gray sweatshirt and of course, the ever-popular J Crew coat.   


This Kristen Blake Walking Coat on the left is a bit less expensive.


This one on the right is from Boden and it's classic/versatile and, just like the others, will be in your wardrobe for years to come!

Boden coat

And no ladies, Boden is not too old for us.  They have great pieces!  Just look at Erin, who we all know and love, from Living In Yellow.  The pretty yellow coat is cheery, fun, and on sale.  

Yellow Boden Coat

Here's the link: Yellow Boden coat in yellow and a few other colors too!  FYI- reviews say it's not as bright a yellow as they were hoping.  


You will have any of these coats for many years so if you can make the investment, do it.   The hat on the right is Janessa Leone` which is not cheap, you can also look here




So excited that lace-up boots are back.  If you're under 5'6, I prefer all black on the bottom; no need to break up the leg line if you're petite.  But go for it if you don't mind!  Black skinnies, black sweater, outfit complete!  


Here's a catalog with links to all of these shoes, plus a few ankle booties!  More shoe sales here!  I think we all know how to style ankle boots by now but, just in case, here’s a look below and you can email me anytime for personalized recommendations.  


Are you a Mom in transition, style-wise?  Read my article from yesterday about getting your style groove back!  

Reach out here if you need personalized recommendations!  XO, Jaime


Discloure: some links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.  This is a small amount that helps support my time spent on the hunt for stylish pieces, these are NOT items sent to me for free.  I have created these posts on my own to share with you.