Spring Style Special


More details on the Spring Style Special: 


This $97 package is the perfect mini-service if you want a little taste of what it's like to hire a Stylist.  The special is a paired down version of my huge closet edit and personal style development and it's a GREAT deal!  You'll get:

  • a 30-minute phone consult
  • a 1-hour closet edit with me
  • tips for Spring and Summer styling and a personalized catalog where you can shop all of my suggestions with the click of a link!  

When we chat on the phone, we'll discuss your current lifestyle, personal style goals, current clothing needs, and more.  In your 1-hour closet edit, we'll take a look at your favorite pieces and talk about the clothing that's working well for you. 

According to your specific wardrobe needs and goals, we'll decide what's missing in your closet for the coming seasons.  We'll create a personalized list of what you need and I'll go on the hunt FOR YOU.  I'll also give you a little insight into the coming trends and together we'll decide what styles YOU want to try.  

Within a week of us meeting, you will receive a personalized digital catalog from me.  There will be shoppable links to items I recommend for your wardrobe.  They will reflect your personal style desires, your goals, and they'll be within the budget you specify. 

And you won't be left alone with no idea how to style those new pieces.  In your digital lookbook, I will give you style ideas.     

Ready to book?  Send an email below referencing the Spring Special.  I can't wait to chat!  XO, Jaime

Philadelphia Eagles Win The Super Bowl!!!

YES!  I can't repeat it enough.  The Eagles won the Super Bowl!! 


No this is not a sports blog and I am not a sports writer.  But if you looked at my Eagles posts over the last two weeks, you'll see I just wanted to mark this moment in history.  I wrote today's post to wrap it all up before I turn back to posts about Personal Styling. 

They won!  The Philadelphia Eagles Won! 


Beside the fact that Philadelphia sports fan have been longing for this moment FOR DECADES, this Super Bowl victory came at such a great time of year.  We're sick of Winter, we're sick of the weird political climate and you know all the cliche lines: a climate where America has never been more divided, the anthem controversies,  people are hostile, "the Patriots cheat", and Eagles fans throw snowballs (yes you said it and yes it makes you a lazy thinker).   

But this was all so easily forgotten on Super Bowl Sunday when the Eagles won!!  What a good time to set off a wave of man hugs across the country from the game day field itself, to bars, to living rooms, and backyards.   God knows we all need a few days of celebrating with loved ones and strangers alike.

I can't tear myself away from all the living room videos of grown adults jumping up and down for joy.  I love hearing the cries that are so similar to my own living room celebration that night,

"Oh my God, oh my God, the Eagles just won the Super Bowl, oh my Goooooddddd." 


Brian and I (just like millions all over the area) stood and paced and screamed for almost the whole game.  The anxiety was at an all-time high!  We all joked as my brother-in-law made his all too familiar sounds of being on the verge of vomiting. 

We were gathered with our children and loved ones hugging, laughing, and jumping until the very last play of the game. 

Video cred: SIL Becky 


We, like so many others, were fist bumping to all the people in heaven who we miss in this moment.  I ran out onto my porch and screamed, I squeezed my children as they jumped into my arms, and even my sister-in-law went old school and ran outside with some pots and pans.  



Just so I never forget, I'll post two of my favorite clips that show the pure joy happening in and around this area...

and we haven't even made it to parade day yet!!     

"There's no place like Philadelphia. There are no fans like Eagles fans. History was made last night, and we captured a slice of it." From Reel9Productions.

and I really, REALLY love this one....  Philly loves a good line dance moment!  

And note Jennifer's line, "For all the haters that say Philadelphia fans are the 'worst'.  This one's for you.  Share it up Philly."

Woohoo!!!!  We'll never forget this week!!  Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles!!

XO, Jaime



Packing or Prepping For The Super Bowl in Style; EAGLES STYLE!

In Philadelphia and surrounding areas, fans are riding high because our beloved team is 

going to the Super Bowl!! 


It's the Eagles first time back to the Super Bowl since 2005 when they faced the Patriots who they'll play again this year.  #rematch!  The spirit of this underdog team is in the air EVERYWHERE and the camaraderie around the hopes of beating that damn dynasty team from New England feels fantastic.   This clip of Eagles Brandon Graham is one of my favorites. 

Boy, I could go on and on about the underdog theme they've adopted, about Carson Wentz going down back in December (MVP favorite at the time), about other team member losses before that, and about the backup quarterback, Nick Foles, defying expectations since then.  But the Eagles keep battling back. 

Another clip that, to me, says it all.  

Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now! 


The feeling about this Super Bowl is soooo much different than the 2005 Super Bowl trip, there's a spirit about the whole thing that can not be denied.   This beauty is from a couple weeks back.  Philly loves a good line dance! 


Sadly, I'm not a sports writer so I'll stop the football talk there.  But I just wanted my blog to reflect a piece of history that I'll always be able to come back and see.  Hopefully, I'll look back at this moment as the starting point of our own dynasty.   

Time to start your own trophy collection, Eagles!


So I'll mark this piece of history with a little STYLE talk.  Are you lucky enough to make this trip to freezing Minnesota?  Here are some ideas for the frigid temps outside and some looks for inside the climate-controlled stadium.  Over the next few days, I'll add some Super Bowl looks for those of us partying here in PA! 




leggings  (majorly high-end), much more affordable  here , even less  here    sweatshirt ,  jersey ,  coat ,  sneakers , hat sold out but I use one  similar to this a lot , and  this Super Bowl-specific hat is cute . 

leggings (majorly high-end), much more affordable here, even less here

sweatshirt, jersey, coat, sneakers, hat sold out but I use one similar to this a lot, and this Super Bowl-specific hat is cute

And a laid-back vibe for a house party.

tee shirt ,  jeans  (premium brand on markdown),  hat ,  jacket  (similar)

tee shirt, jeans (premium brand on markdown), hat, jacket (similar)

Hunters  (cheapest I've ever seen them),   hat ,  tee shirt ,  scarf ,  (this  jacket  is pretty distressed so it's best for the fun/edgy types or the younger crowd),  jeans

Hunters (cheapest I've ever seen them),  hat, tee shirt, scarf,  (this jacket is pretty distressed so it's best for the fun/edgy types or the younger crowd), jeans

What are your Super Bowl plans?  Please do tell!  And you can contact me anytime for 1:1 personal styling tips.  

E-A-G-L-E-S,   EAGLES!!! 

Xo, Jaime


1/25 update  An adorable little Rebecca Minkoff sweater that can be used in all seasons (makes it worth the splurge).  

1/29   And here are some super cute pieces for us casual ladies.    Note: this cute varsity stripes top has more color options and is sure to sell out!  

Pants  (selling fast!),  hat ,  sneakers ,  vest ,  shirt  (also selling fast)   

Pants (selling fast!), hat, sneakers, vest, shirt (also selling fast)



Adorable Plus Pieces

Tee on left ,  jeans in both pics ,  hat on left ,  shoes on right  (note: has Oregon on bottom),  tee on right ,  hat on right   Go Birds!     

Tee on left, jeans in both pics, hat on left, shoes on right (note: has Oregon on bottom), tee on right, hat on right

Go Birds!  


2/1 Update:  Time is up to shop anything (online) in time for the Super Bowl but you can still grab what you love now, it may be gone after the big day!  

Hat  (selling out everywhere, link shows one very similar, get it before it's gone)  Shirt ,   Sneakers

Hat (selling out everywhere, link shows one very similar, get it before it's gone) ShirtSneakers

Xo, Jaime


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.  This is a small amount that helps support my time spent on the hunt for stylish pieces, these are NOT items sent to me for free.  I have created these posts on my own to share with you.



How To Style Red Shoes * Add a Pop Of Color to Any Outfit!

So I've been contemplating stepping a bit outside my comfort zone and I realize I do not own one stitch of red in my wardrobe, maybe except for an old Philadelphia Phillies tee shirt.  Some cute flats caught my eye at Nordstrom Rack so I thought I'd give them a try. 

They are comfy, stylish, and versatile... the perfect accent to any casual look.  And a flat in red feels much more doable than adding a red pump or red dress.  When you're stepping outside your comfort zone, try it in small doses and make sure the rest of your outfit is still you so you don't feel like you're playing dress up. 

To the right, the red shoes plus the leather moto jacket is a little much for me (my personal style is usually one eye-catching element at a time) so I paired the red shoes with my go-to, everyday jeans and a simple striped tee which is very much in my comfort zone.    Now I'm trying something new but I still feel like myself and true to my personal style

Below the outfit was a no-brainer; easy girlfriend jeans, black sweater, tan cardigan, red shoes for the win.

Flats  here

Flats here

Jacket ,   Flats  ,  Shirt

A few more cute options for you.  

Chinese Laundry from Zappos,  GAP ,  Sole Society

Chinese Laundry from Zappos, GAP, Sole Society

Looking to step up your personal style a bit?  I recommend you introduce a new color in small doses like shoes.  Want to try red?  A simple red shoe adds a little pop of color to any outfit and you'll instantly appear more stylish.  If you're new to styling red, try these tips: 

  • pair it with neutral pieces
  • make sure the red piece is classic and not overly trendy
  • if you want another pattern in the ensemble, try small-scale stripes, gingham, or plaid
  • if you're ready to be more adventurous, add a leopard sweater or jacket




Would you like to elevate your personal style but you're not sure wear to start?  Here's how hiring a personal stylist could help.  Near or far, I can work with you virtually or in your home.  

Xo, Jaime


Disclosure: some links are affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase.  This is a small amount that helps support my time spent on the hunt for stylish pieces, these are NOT items sent to me for free.  I have created these posts on my own to share with you.


Why Hire A Personal Stylist?

Why Hire A Personal Stylist?

I can hear some of you now.  “Me?  Hire a Personal Stylist?  Stylists are for celebrities, right?”   I get it.  It sounds too fancy for you.  I am “just” a Mom, who am I to hire a stylist?  I’m just a busy, working, “average” woman and hiring a stylist is for famous people.   

Not true anymore.  No matter who you are, no matter your stage of life, no matter where you’re working… in the home, out of the home for someone else, launching your own business;

You have goals in life; places you see yourself going.


Even if it’s just surviving into tomorrow!  We all know that putting on a great outfit can boost our mood and our energy.  We know that a great-fitting pair of jeans helps us feel good on date night.  We’ve all been told to dress to impress when we’re going to a job interview, reentering the workforce after years at home (heck, I’ve been there) or aiming for a promotion.

A Personal Stylist will work with you to determine your body shape, your image desires, and your personal style…  even if you don’t really have one.   

I understand that discussions about clothing can feel superficial, that focusing on your image can feel shallow, even selfish for some.  But the truth of the matter is this:

people will form an opinion about you within seconds of your encounter with them.


I know this sentiment is not ideal but it IS reality and I can help.  A Personal Stylist can make this all so much easier to manage by teaching you about the shapes and cuts that will flatter your body.    

A personal stylist is trained to help you find the clothes that look best on you and will help you coordinate outfits for different occasions.  When we think we look good, we feel good. It’s as simple as that and you know you’ve heard this all before so please know that  

feeling your very best isn’t a luxury reserved for fashion bloggers and the rich and famous.


Just as you let a hair stylist cut your hair and just like a personal trainer would develop a workout routine, I will help you build a wardrobe that makes getting dressed easier.  I will help you find clothing that reflects your personal style and lifestyle.  Perhaps putting a good outfit together doesn’t come naturally to you.  That’s where a stylist comes in.  I started this business because I really enjoy showing people how to “put it all together”.  I am good at translating fashion inspiration and current trends into a REAL woman’s closet.  I am good at putting your style thoughts and desires into words and into your closet.   

If you’re intimidated because you think a Personal Stylist is going to cost a lot, not only can I break down my services into stages for you…  you’ll save money in the long wrong if you’re taught to purchase pieces you know you love and fit well.   You’ll save time and money when you STOP buying pieces that are good enough just so you can get out of the store….and even worse if you never end up pulling them out of the closet.

If you’re intimidated by the presence of a personal stylist… you should know that my approach is as warm and friendly as it is honest.  I truly enjoy helping other women feel great about themselves, simple as that.  It does not serve you or me to be judgmental about your current looks.  

This is not What Not To Wear and I will not strong arm you into getting rid of pieces that you can’t let go of.  


But I will balance that with truthful assessments on what’s working in your closet and what isn’t.  You should read more about my philosophy on personal style here.

You deserve to let a trained eye translate the current fashion trends (as well as the tried and true classics) into your closet.  Let me tell you one thing I have heard over and over again with clients     


“I never would have tried

that on if you didn’t recommend it.

And now I love it!”



Getting dressed is easier, starting the day is easier... when your closet is filled with clothes that have been specifically chosen for you, your shape, and your lifestyle.  And I am ready to help. 





My services might be right for you if:

You have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

You are currently using only 20% of the clothes in your closet.

You have some cute pieces and NO IDEA how to put them together.

You’d like to make the most of what you already own.

You need help identifying your personal style.

You’d like to understand your body type and how to buy clothes that flatter.

You’re facing a life transition; reentering the workforce, promotion, career change, just graduated.  

I hope to hear from you soon.  XO, Jaime