Bring My Pinterest Board To Life


Bring My Pinterest Board To Life


Ever wish that your Pinterest board could just appear in your closet? Wouldn’t that be a dream? Well pinch yourself because this is the closest you’ll ever get until I become a genie and just beam everything into your closet.

You will link me to your board and I will go on the hunt for the pieces while you go about your day! I’ll create your personalized Lookbook in the price range you prefer and email it to you once it’s complete. You will see all the items together as an overall vision and you will be able to click on the items individually… straight over to shop those items!

Create a new board if you’d like to link me to some fresh new outfits you want to try, or link me to your existing board.

Keep in mind that this service is good for roughly 3-5 outfits, I’m happy to do more so just message me for a price.

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Here’s a fabulous example for you from a client. She loves the style of fashion blogger Amy Jackson (middle pic) so she pinned a few looks she wants to try. The client told me she has pleny of cream and white shells with a crewneck, she asked for one with an interesting neckline.

Below is the actual Lookbook sent to this client all within her specified budget.

Here is a look inside the actual Lookbook:  click here .

Here is a look inside the actual Lookbook: click here.