Closet Styling

Did you know that only 20% of the clothes in the average woman's closet is actually used on a regular basis?  My Closet Styling Service is for the woman who has a closet full of great clothes but needs help putting her looks together.  In this service, we don't have to dive as deep into your style and you won't try on all of your clothes.  We'll focus on all the pieces you already have and like. 

We'll have a consultation to briefly discuss your lifestyle and wardrobe preferences.  Together we'll shop your closet, I'll style looks for you and help you put pieces together.   We'll skip the fitting/measurements routine and focus on the great pieces you already own and how to use them.

Your Results

I'll photograph your best pieces and create a personal digital Lookbook to make getting dressed easier.  I'll identify any key wardrobe items you might be missing and I'll provide a follow-up with click-to-shop links so you can purchase these pieces at your leisure.  This service is great if you want to see what it's like to hire a Personal Stylist and get a feel for my approach.  If you find that you'd like to upgrade to another service (perhaps you decide you want a Style Development or you decide you'd like a shopping trip with my assistance, or maybe you'll notice you desire a closet overhaul) we can put what you already paid towards another package.            

Please email anytime: here.