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Style File


Style File!  A great little way to get some fresh ideas for the season or an event. 

How about a Style File for fresh Fall ideas?!

According to your needs, I will send you 4 complete outfit ideas.  Each item in the Style File is clickable, directly to purchase the item. 

Fill out the form to let me know the subject of your Style File.  Please be as specific as possible.  For example, "an outdoor wedding in August that calls for cocktail attire" is much better than just "wedding".  Girls weekend getaway is a popular idea but please tell me where you're going and when.  If you need work looks, please include the dress code and work environment, you get the idea.  

The possibilities are endless. I can send you outfit ideas for a weekend trip, vacation, career looks, swimsuit ideas, or maybe you just need help with shoes, gift ideas, or Soccer Mom looks, or career looks, and celebrity-inspired fashion.  Maybe you need help styling a specific piece, just send me a photo of that piece and I'll style 4 looks around it.   Need 4 outfit ideas for on-trend pieces?  I've got you covered!  

Click the other photo option on the left to see an example of what you’ll receive, style tips included.

Give me 48 hours and I will send the personalized Lookbook to you and only you.  

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Make the most of your Style File:

  • link me to a Pinterest board that shares your vision or shows me your style; better yet, some clients link me to a board with a few outfits and I tell them how to recreate the look
  • tell me your style preferences wherever relevant (I won't wear a 2-piece, I only wear skinny jeans, I prefer 4" shorts, etc)
  • have a new item you need styled?  For example, you have a new off-the-shoulder blouse and you're not sure how to wear it, send me a pic! 
  • let me know where you usually shop, tell me a little about your style
  • Great for gift finds; birthday ideas for your bestie, showers, etc...  don't forget to give me the details!