Premium Personal Style Development

This is the ultimate styling package and you won't have to go out for the shopping.

Frustrated with a closet full of nothing to wear?  My Personal Style Development package is so much fun, it's a luxury experience!  With this package, I will bring the Hollywood treatment right to you.  You should book this service if you desire a complete style overhaul or perhaps you don't even know what your personal style is!  This service is also for you if you're too busy to make time for shopping or you simply don't care to.  I bring the haul to your home!   

Perhaps you just got a new job or you're returning to the workforce, or maybe you need something fresh and new in your closet.  Maybe you're reentering the dating game or you've had recent weight loss...  or my favorite, you really want to elevate what you've already got going on, step it up and get a little adventurous with your style.      

We'll start with a consultation for about a half hour via phone, in your home, or wherever you'd like to meet.  I will understand your lifestyle and daily routine, your wardrobe needs, and your signature styles desires.  My approach is warm, friendly, and always judgement-free.

The next part includes up to two hours of closet editing/cleansing.  I want you to feel confident in creating stylish looks everyday, even when I'm not around, so we'll start with taking measurements and you'll learn the shapes/pieces/silhouettes that flatter your body type.  Together, we'll edit your closet and identify the key pieces that flatter your shape and work for your style goals and we'll identify the clothes that aren't working for you.  I will not push you to get rid of anything you're not ready to part with but I will be honest and gentle in identifying the pieces that are out of date or don't help you meet your style desires.  I'll even take away the discards for you.  I'll photograph your best pieces so that I can include them in your digital personal Lookbook.  

I'll identify the pieces your wardrobe is missing and I'll do my research and go shopping within the budget you specify.  You go about your busy life, spending your precious time as you wish and let me deal with the hunting.  I'll return to your home at a later date for (up to) a 2 hour session with my amazing finds so you can try them on.  We'll have the advantage of incorporating my shopping finds with the keepers from your prior closet edit.  You'll try on everything from my haul and you keep what you love and I deal with the returns process.  I'll take more pics so that I can put complete outfits into your digital Lookbook, blending the old pieces and the new pieces.  You'll have access to me for the 3 weeks following my last visit with any questions or guidance you may need.   

*Price of clothing you decide to keep is in addition to the package price for my service.            

Your Results

We'll identify a Personal Style unique and true to you.   You'll understand your body type (no, we won't be calling out those fruit names) so that you can understand the shapes that flatter you.  I'll free you of ill-fitting or worn out pieces so you and your closet will feel lighter.  You'll receive a personalized digital Lookbook that you can easily access from a phone or tablet.  Getting dressed should now be a breeze!