Welcome!  I'm so glad you are here.  My approach to helping you find your personal style and edit your closet is friendly and judgement-free, no matter your taste, your body type or budget.  I enjoy helping others find confidence and happiness in a wardrobe they love. 

To read about the services I offer, click on the services tab.  You can read more about my work experience here.  Reach out anytime you need assistance or help putting together a package to suit your needs and we can discuss my hourly rates. 

Your needs don't have to fit exactly into a package. 

Even if you don't wish to go through a Style Development or a closet cleanse at this time, I can simply meet you at your favorite store and I'll assist you through the dreaded shopping process.  Just email me here.    

I'll do whatever I can to help you understand your personal fashion sense, even if you think you don't have one.  Let me tell you what I believe Personal Style to be, read here.

I want you to know that great personal style is not just for fashionistas and fashion bloggers.  You can learn a few basic principles to achieve the looks you love.  I know you have goals for your life so…

   let's help others see you the way you wish to be seen.   

Xo, Jaime