How To Style Red Shoes * Add a Pop Of Color to Any Outfit!

So I've been contemplating stepping a bit outside my comfort zone and I realize I do not own one stitch of red in my wardrobe, maybe except for an old Philadelphia Phillies tee shirt.  Some cute flats caught my eye at Nordstrom Rack so I thought I'd give them a try. 

They are comfy, stylish, and versatile... the perfect accent to any casual look.  And a flat in red feels much more doable than adding a red pump or red dress.  When you're stepping outside your comfort zone, try it in small doses and make sure the rest of your outfit is still you so you don't feel like you're playing dress up. 

To the right, the red shoes plus the leather moto jacket is a little much for me (my personal style is usually one eye-catching element at a time) so I paired the red shoes with my go-to, everyday jeans and a simple striped tee which is very much in my comfort zone.    Now I'm trying something new but I still feel like myself and true to my personal style

Below the outfit was a no-brainer; easy girlfriend jeans, black sweater, tan cardigan, red shoes for the win.

Flats  here

Flats here

Jacket ,   Flats  ,  Shirt

A few more cute options for you.  

Chinese Laundry from Zappos,  GAP ,  Sole Society

Chinese Laundry from Zappos, GAP, Sole Society

Looking to step up your personal style a bit?  I recommend you introduce a new color in small doses like shoes.  Want to try red?  A simple red shoe adds a little pop of color to any outfit and you'll instantly appear more stylish.  If you're new to styling red, try these tips: 

  • pair it with neutral pieces
  • make sure the red piece is classic and not overly trendy
  • if you want another pattern in the ensemble, try small-scale stripes, gingham, or plaid
  • if you're ready to be more adventurous, add a leopard sweater or jacket




Would you like to elevate your personal style but you're not sure wear to start?  Here's how hiring a personal stylist could help.  Near or far, I can work with you virtually or in your home.  

Xo, Jaime


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