Philadelphia Eagles Win The Super Bowl!!!

YES!  I can't repeat it enough.  The Eagles won the Super Bowl!! 


No this is not a sports blog and I am not a sports writer.  But if you looked at my Eagles posts over the last two weeks, you'll see I just wanted to mark this moment in history.  I wrote today's post to wrap it all up before I turn back to posts about Personal Styling. 

They won!  The Philadelphia Eagles Won! 


Beside the fact that Philadelphia sports fan have been longing for this moment FOR DECADES, this Super Bowl victory came at such a great time of year.  We're sick of Winter, we're sick of the weird political climate and you know all the cliche lines: a climate where America has never been more divided, the anthem controversies,  people are hostile, "the Patriots cheat", and Eagles fans throw snowballs (yes you said it and yes it makes you a lazy thinker).   

But this was all so easily forgotten on Super Bowl Sunday when the Eagles won!!  What a good time to set off a wave of man hugs across the country from the game day field itself, to bars, to living rooms, and backyards.   God knows we all need a few days of celebrating with loved ones and strangers alike.

I can't tear myself away from all the living room videos of grown adults jumping up and down for joy.  I love hearing the cries that are so similar to my own living room celebration that night,

"Oh my God, oh my God, the Eagles just won the Super Bowl, oh my Goooooddddd." 


Brian and I (just like millions all over the area) stood and paced and screamed for almost the whole game.  The anxiety was at an all-time high!  We all joked as my brother-in-law made his all too familiar sounds of being on the verge of vomiting. 

We were gathered with our children and loved ones hugging, laughing, and jumping until the very last play of the game. 

Video cred: SIL Becky 


We, like so many others, were fist bumping to all the people in heaven who we miss in this moment.  I ran out onto my porch and screamed, I squeezed my children as they jumped into my arms, and even my sister-in-law went old school and ran outside with some pots and pans.  



Just so I never forget, I'll post two of my favorite clips that show the pure joy happening in and around this area...

and we haven't even made it to parade day yet!!     

"There's no place like Philadelphia. There are no fans like Eagles fans. History was made last night, and we captured a slice of it." From Reel9Productions.

and I really, REALLY love this one....  Philly loves a good line dance moment!  

And note Jennifer's line, "For all the haters that say Philadelphia fans are the 'worst'.  This one's for you.  Share it up Philly."

Woohoo!!!!  We'll never forget this week!!  Thank you to the Philadelphia Eagles!!

XO, Jaime