Second Annual SKD Gala and Auction

Oh boy!  Just one month to go until our Second Annual Saint Katharine Drexel Gala and Auction. I’m starting to get the texts for ideas so let’s get moving on a post for outfit idea #1.  

As you well know, our Hopelessly Devoted theme reflects the love we have for our children and their amazing school but you can’t help but think of Sandy’s hopeless devotion to Danny right?  So look at this inspiration from fellow SKD Mom, Rae Ann, and her adorable friends.

Don’t they all look GREAT?! 

Here are some tips for that end-of-the-movie Sandy style that Rae Ann pulls off perfectly.  (More to come on ideas to help you create the Pink Lady style!)  

Start by thinking about what you already have in your closet.   This Sandy look can start off with your favorite black jeans or a simple pair of black leggings.  Step it up a notch and use faux leather leggings and really get into it!  


Next up is a really fun pink lady, Rizzo!  


Start with a black skirt and your favorite black heels and you are halfway there.  Check out this catalog for links to the rest of the items and how to put a Rizzo look together.  Finds will show you the individual items and the lookbook tab shows the whole outfit put together.   

Complete your Sandy outfit with the help of this catalog here.  The finds section will take you to each piece and the lookbook tab puts it all together for you!

March 16 update:  next up...  Feel like dressing to the theme with a little retro style?  How about a vintage style party dress that won't break the bank?  


Link to dress here or take a look at the whole Gala lookbook!  


There's also a link in the catalog to a cute poodle skirt!  

We certainly don't want to leave out our guys!  Click here for jacket.  

We certainly don't want to leave out our guys!  Click here for jacket.  


Here on the left, Michelle and her friends look so cute!  The 3 outfits from the left can be created with items you already have in your closet.  Look through this Lookbook here for some ideas and a link to an inexpensive chiffon scarf in an array of colors.

Please reach out any time for some help.  And please feel free to leave your own comments below to help each other out!  Xo, Jaime