Statement Earrings.... are they missing from your accessories? Look no further.

Statement Earrings

They're a fun way to complete your outfit when you need a little style pick-me-up.  With my styling tips below you can find lots of uses for a new pair... from a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit to an evening gown.  


Ladies, statement earrings can make your whole face come to life!  Use them as the perfect accessory to a white v-neck t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans.  If you are petite or your body type is bigger on the bottom, let's draw the eye up with a topknot and statement earrings.

 Statement earrings are most often missing from my clients’ accessories stash.

When I'm going over my clients' wardrobes, they typically have all their fun necklaces covered but great earrings are often missing.

Take a look at this catalog for some great options....  

How To Wear Statement Earrings


For the trendiest styles this season, you'll see baubles, beads, fringe, and pops of color.  I most often get asked about the earrings on the cute ladies from Southern Charm, Naomie and Cameron.  


The catalog has some of the earrings they've been spotted wearing on the show.  Take a look for a variety of options in a few different price points.  As always, contact me for more personalized assistance. 


Xo, Jaime