Closet Cleanout

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We love these words in Spring, don’t we? The words of “newness” and cleaning. The sunshine returns, birds are chirping, the flowers bloom. It’s like this photo on the left encompasses it all, right?

Image: Girl Meets Glam Dress


How to clean out my closet? How to do a closet cleanse?

No matter your current weather- snow, rain, clouds, sunshine, Spring is a great time to complete a Closet Cleanse. Promise! You’ll be so happy you let go of pieces that no longer serve you… whether the item doesn’t fit, you don’t really enjoy it, or it no longer matches your personal style….

It’s always a good time to lose a few pounds in the closet!

But where to begin?  Here I will outline the same steps I use for myself and the process I go through with clients.     Clean out the old to make room for the new!

And what if you’re not looking to buy any new clothes right now?  You will still benefit from a closet cleanse. When you weed out the pieces you don’t use it clears the way to see the stuff you WILL use.  More room, more vision right?

“Clear the way to actually see the things you love.”

Step one:  Bring It All Out!  I will empty my closet on the bed and start from scratch.  With all of your contents out of the closet, you have a chance to give it a little wipe down.   We’re cleansing literally AND metaphorically here.

Step two: Create 3 piles from all of your contents.  The keepers, the goners, and the maybes.

The Keepers: these are your trusted go-to pieces that you reach for everyday.  These keeps should Fit and Flatter and still make you feel Good! They should be in good shape as well.

The Goners: these guys are definitely going.  These are pieces that hang in your closet and you NEVER take them out to put them on.   These should be the reasons you don’t wear them:

they no longer fit and can’t be altered, they are out of style (your current personal style), or they are damaged beyond repair.  I bet if you try really hard, there are pieces in the “keep” pile that really belong here, as goners. Done. If you’re not pulling it out to wear frequently (unless it’s seasonal or special) then it should go.  Your mind and your closet do NOT need clutter. And just to clarify, there can be two types of goners: those that are in poor shape and those that are not. If it’s ill-fitting or not your style BUT it’s in good shape, release it for someone else to love.  If it doesn’t fit AND it’s in bad shape, it’s no longer serving anyone and should be tossed.

The maybes:  Try these guys on again.    If it’s a maybe, try to take yourself from being unsure…   to making a decision. Does this item need alterations? Are you actually going to get it altered?  If yes, keep! Does it still fit and you like it but you haven’t worn it in ages? It should go. Your closet should be filled with pieces you love, not pieces that raise uncertainty.    Go ahead, insert Marie Kondo discussion and all the “spark joy” stuff.

Marie Kondo Spark Joy

The pieces you get rid of:  if they’re not in great condition, simply throw them away.  Thrift stores are bursting at the seams with clothing all over the country.  You’re not doing a person in need any good by giving an item that looks crappy.  You also can’t save the whole darn planet by choosing not to throw away a few bags of clothes…  release them... besides, positive energy and good vibes are helpful to the earth too!   If these pieces are in good condition, give them away to someone you know that would use them, have a clothing swap with friends, or try to sell it in a FB group or on Poshmark.

You have now cleared the way to see what you have, what you love, and what might be missing.

Step 3: it can all go back in to the clean and lean closet. You can now see what you love and see what might be missing.  I often recommend slim, felt hangers because they make so much more room when you put everything back in. They are often super cheap and fully stocked at TJ Max or Home Goods. I buy these here: favorite hangers. See, so many colors too!

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Xo, JD