Poshmark: A Quick Guide to Earning Cash From Your Closet

Hey there! If you’ve landed on this page, you came here to learn more about Poshmark! In short, it’s an online marketplace for new and used clothing and accessories…. similar to Ebay. It’s a crazy easy way to earn a little cash in exchange for the pieces in your closet you no longer use. Simple as that! Use my invite when you sign up and you get $5 right away! My code is JAIME_DIEHL for your free 5 bucks. Read on for more…..


Why do I use Poshmark? Honestly, I use Poshmark because it makes me feel a little less guilty when I go clothes shopping, (insert a little giggle). So, picture the last time you went to purchase a new sweater or a fab pair of jeans that you didn’t reeeally need. Or you saw a fashion blogger announce a great sale on shoes and despite the great deal, you felt a little guilty clicking “add to cart” on yet another, albeit adorable, pair of black pumps. I can hear you now-because it’s me too- “Ugh, I don’t really NEED another striped shirt but this one is so cute and it’s such a good deal. I’ll use it all the time!” OK. No big deal friends. I totally get it! But to fight those guilty shopping vibes, I am always poking around my closet to see what I can get rid of on Poshmark first.


The benefit of Poshmark is twofold. For one, I can earn some cash to put toward whatever new piece I’m looking to buy. And two, it helps me combat closet clutter! Selling an item to someone else who will love it frees up space for the new item so I can keep my wardrobe carefully edited.

I use the Poshmark app so with a few clicks on my phone, I take some well-lit pictures of my little treasure that’s just waiting for a new owner. Next I come up with a price that I see fit. I write up a solid description of the item and I post away! I’ve sold shoes, jewelry, jackets, and more. When my item sells, the money shows up in my Poshmark account and I can either save my earnings there in the app or transfer the money to my bank account.

I use my earnings in two ways. I can leave it in my Poshmark account and use it towards the purchase of another item on Poshmark or I will transfer the earnings over to my bank account. That way I can turn that money into my own little sale elsewhere! Let me give you a great example, I’ve been dying for a new color of my all-time favorite coat. Well, actually I have always loved the regular Crew version but I never wanted to make the plunge in that price range, opting instead to spend the dough on weather-proof coats like my fave Michael Kors coat.

Anyway, with the J Crew Factory coat being on sale this season plus the earnings from a recent Poshmark sale, I felt waaay better about the purchase of the coat in a second color that I didn’t really neeeed but totally wanted!

I find the whole reselling process to be super easy. If you are one of those who resold items on Ebay a while back (which is still a totally viable option) I find Poshmark to be much easier… thanks, in part, to the free shipping labels they include. Plus I hang on to Amazon boxes or bags sent to me with Poshmark items I bought. So here’s what happens. When my item sells, a label is emailed to me immediately. I package the item, tape on the label I printed, and hand it to the mailman! Take for example a pair of shoes I sold. I tend to save a lot of shoe boxes upon purchase so I slipped a pair of sold Poshmark shoes into an old box, placed the box inside a FREE Priority Mail bag, and taped the label to the bag. As soon as the buyer receives my item, the earnings are released to me.

It’s that simple! Earned 25 bucks on Poshmark? Boom, you just took $25 off those new boots you’re eyeing at Nordstrom. Better yet if you find a coveted bag or cute sweater on Poshmark, roll over your earnings into that instead! I sold a pair of shoes once on Poshmark and turned my earnings into an excellent used condition Yumi Kim romper which basically felt free since I was no longer using the shoes I sold. So gratifying!

Now, there’s lots more to say….. there are clearly guidelines you should abide by, always be honest and upfront about the items you list, obviously there’s a commission to Poshmark, and there’s more to learn about shipping (buyer pays) so I suggest heading over there to read “how it works”. You will find all of the details you need to get started.

Some people are pretty hard core on Poshmark and have made serious money. Whether you’re looking to create a “channel” and all-out store, or just unload some items for cash like me, you’ll find this article useful. And I always find great info on The Penny Hoarder so read this as well. I agree with two major tips from that article, tip 2 says to Capitalize on Titles and Descriptions and I agree. I think of myself as a shopper. I, being a Stylist, often know both the brand name and item name of an item I love. Think car make and model… like a Toyota Camry, lol, and not just “car.” List the “Sam Edelman Penny Riding Boots” as opposed to just listing your item as “boots”. Savvy shoppers know what they’re doing and are more likely to find your item if it’s titled properly.

And the other tip I agree with from the Penny Hoarder article is Don’t Be Afraid To Say No. Buyers can negotiate with you so you should know the price you’re willing to accept for your item. I used Poshmark just once when it first started years ago and I don’t remember neing able to make “offers” back then, so when I recently came back I was somewhat stunned to receive lower offers. I think it’s a new trend on the site to go around low-balling sellers. It was very off-putting so I ignored some offers for my clothes and on others I was totally willing to negotiate.

So there you have it! I just gave you a way to clean out your closet and earn cash in the process. Save up the cash and roll it over into holiday shopping for loved ones, donate the money, re-buy something on Poshmark, or create your own little discount elsewhere with your earnings. Good luck! Tell me what you think. XO JD

Get started here and be sure to use my username as your referral for $5, it’s … JAIME_DIEHL